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written by Our Warpath

"A single tear shed at the remembrance of the Passion of Jesus is worth more than a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, or a year of fasting on bread and water."

- Saint Augustine


My Mother, guide me, show me the way of tears, the temple, the praetorium, Calvary and the Cross. I wish to be mingled among you and the holy women, to live again the sorrowful passion, the loving passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The First Station 

Jesus is Condemned to Death

 You are my beginning and my end. But you have no beginning and you have no end. Immerse me so fully in you that I lose all beginning and all end in your always. 

The Second Station

Jesus Accepts His Cross

I speak and you do not answer. Teach me to speak with you. Lead me past my language of words and reasoning and surround me in the silence of your language where there is but taste (faith) and love. 


Jesus Falls The First Time

 Where are you? Where are you hiding? Or have you only gone deeper within my soul. Do not leave me in the shallowness of thought but take me into the depths that I may once again be lost in your presence. 


Jesus Meets His Sorrowful Mother

Mother, what love and infinite goodness is reflected in your eyes of burning innocence and beauty. You are consumed by fire. You are the great song of the Eternal Love, transforming the souls of men. Mother, stay with me. Make me strong.


Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross

Where are you leading me? Why are you so silent? Is there silence in the depths of the word? I feel so abandoned yet within me absolute peace. When will it be enough? I feel so abandoned yet within me absolute hope. You are everything to me because in this darkness you are the only thing I have. Father, guide me. To the end. 


Veronica Wipes The Face Of Jesus

Endure. My Father, endure. Crash upon my iron clad gates with the ocean waters of your presence. Endure, until breaking through you flood the cold dark shaft of my soul so completely that my life may only be a reflection of yours in the still waters of your presence.


Jesus Falls The Second Time

Teach me where to seek you. Plunge me into the silent sanctuary of my soul so that my only reality may be your presence. So that my life may be a prayer, a prelude, a grand overture of eternal presence and life.


Jesus Meets The Weeping Women

Why words? For you are within me. Why looks? For you are within me. Why thoughts? For you are within me. Only be. For you are within me.


Jesus Falls The Third Time

 I thirst to live. Teach me. Be the principle of my life. My heartbeat. My breath. Only being can fill the void of nothingness. Fill me. Drown me in your life. That dying in the silent depths of your waters I may be filled with your life and then will I thirst no longer.


Jesus IS Stripped Of HIs Garments

Make me endless. For you are act eternal. In my nothingness may I be an echo of your act, a vibration of your eternity. In my nothingness, make me endless.


Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross

Teach me to not be afraid. I want to see you. I want to see what you see. You. With me. Before me. Behind me. Beneath me. Above me. On my right. On my left. In my soul. Show me. I was not made for fear. For I was made to see you.


Jesus Dies On The Cross

The radiance of your mystery is an explosion of light more beautiful than the dying star. Come to me. Enter. Plunge into me your wounding spirit of love until the point of final agony when my weak soul can no longer bear the fire that consumes it. Then I like the star. Death. Supernova. A brilliant burst of light exploding in the night sky – filling the universe and eternity with the beauty of your life and the light of your glory.


Jesus Is Taken Down From The Cross

Mother, it is done. Take me and enkindle in me the song of your love. The time has come. Give me to him. At last, give him your son.


Jesus Is Laid In The Sepulcher

You are my life and my light. But I have no life and I have no light. Here I am. Take me. Envelop me so fully in you that I may be transfigured in the fire of your life and forgotten in the light of your presence. You are everything to me. Be with me. Always. Past the edge of time.

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