Calvary And The Mass

There are certain things in life which are too beautiful to be
forgotten, such as the love of a mother. Hence we treasure her
picture. The love of soldiers who sacrificed themselves for their
country is likewise too beautiful to be forgotten, hence we revere
their memory on Memorial Day. But the greatest blessing which ever
came to this earth was the visitation of the Son of God in the
form and habit of man. His life, above all lives, is too beautiful
to be forgotten, hence we treasure the divinity of His words in
Sacred Scripture, and the charity of His deeds in our daily
actions. Unfortunately this is all some souls remember, namely His
Words and His Deeds; important as these are, they are not the
greatest characteristic of the Divine Saviour.

The most sublime act in the history of Christ was His death.
Death is always important for it seals a destiny. Any dying man is
a scene. Any dying scene is a sacred place. That is why the great
literature of the past which has touched on the emotions
surrounding death has never passed out of date. But of all deaths
in the record of man, none was more important than the Death of
Christ. Everyone else who was ever born into the world, came into
it to live; our Lord came into it to die. Death was a
stumbling block to the life of Socrates, but it was the crown to
the life of Christ. He Himself told us that He came "to give his
life a redemption for many"; that no one could take away His Life;
but He would lay it down of Himself.