Mediatrix of all Graces

“The Heart of the Immaculata becomes the mould for our hearts: from her Heart flows an uninterrupted stream of graces, which permeates our thoughts, words and deeds, the innermost recesses of our soul, the most profound insights, the most important decisions, as well as the usual everyday pulse of our life. To her we owe our existence, our baptism, our conversion, our vocation, and all, absolutely all graces, whether known to us or unknown. Her Heart, the treasury of these graces, is really at the centre of our manifold life.

‘Every conversion, every degree of sanctification is a product of grace. Even cooperation is grace. Without God’s grace we can do nothing. The Mediatrix of all graces is the Immaculata. The closer a person draws to her, the more graces he receives from her.’

We see her before us, with us, in us, as she invisibly leads us through the confusion of our time, as she so often keeps us from falling and even more often helps us up again after a fall, as she nourishes us with the Blood of her Son and enlightens, warms, strengthens and encourages us. And if we examine them carefully, then all our good deeds, all our virtues, all perfections in us are more the fruit of her graces and the presence of her Immaculate Heart than the result of our own willing and doing.