The Game is Rigged

Joseph Rigi

America is divided. We have become a polarized society. We have a “you are either with me or dead to me” mentality. But as the world progresses where does that leave Catholics? It seems as though no matter how hard we push back, no matter how hard we try to defend our beliefs, we cannot get the upper hand. Perhaps many thought that Trump being elected in 2016 was a victory...and maybe it was. But maybe it was simply stalling the inevitable. The inevitable being that no matter who is President, whether it be Donald Trump or Joe Biden, the liberals always seem to be winning.

Perhaps the game is rigged?

The Left

As liberals push their agenda by bombarding our senses with an unending cycle of pessimism in the news, the world digs itself even further into the trenches. Why? Because liberal ideologies focus on instant gratification and self-indulgence, which only leads to the self destruction of the mind, body, and most unfortunately, the soul.

The left preaches respect, but in practice tears down and disrespects lawfully elected officials, incites protests, causes rioting and looting, and leads under a banner of hatred disguised as one of love. And some will object by saying that they see the exact same actions done by conservatives. And if true, I say that both should be reprimanded and discouraged from acting in such a manner. The left preaches total freedom and acceptance, when in reality they are solely responsible for cancel culture and the boycotting of all organizations that do not advocate for such things as planned parenthood, gay rights, and voting for a democrat. The left is infamous for believing in the freedom of the people, as long as that freedom does not dare contradict them.

However, this is the ideology that many want. This is the perfect political party for modern man. For he is now not only able to love (inordinately) and take anything he desires, but he is also able to hate anything that displeases him- “the best of both worlds”. He is a modern man who has forgotten God and crowned himself king. This is a political party that encourages a woman to kill her child if she finds such a child would be an inconvenience in her life. A political party that allows all to love, desire, and have sex with anyone they wish, while pulling down and shaming traditional marriage roles. A political party that hails trans-activists and punishes those parents who will not allow their twelve year old son’s sex transition. A political party led under a banner of hatred. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. A political party attempting to silence Catholics, by suppressing our beliefs.

The Right

The republican party tends to have more traditional values. However, over time they have made many concessions. Yes, they are against abortion, but many also find nothing wrong with contraception or an abortion under extraordinary circumstances. They are against the trans movement, but many have given in on their stance on gay marriage, from total opposition to some leaway, because they think that it does not affect them and their lives, when in reality, it has opened the door to moral degradation, affected Catholic schools and organizations, and has been a key element in cancel culture.

The right makes these concessions because the left continues to give the people anything they want, and in doing so it makes the right look like extremists if they don't give in. For example, there is a divorced couple that has a child. When he is at his mom’s house, he is not allowed to have ice cream because his mom says that it is bad for his health. However, when he is at his dad's house, his dad allows him only to have a spoonful because he knows, even though it is not good for him, it will make him happy. This continues as the child grows up. His mother always says no to things like staying up late, alcohol when he is not old enough, and watching things he shouldn't, while his dad always gives in. As time goes on the child doesn't see his mom as protecting him, he sees his mom as a burden. The traditionalist. The extremist. The person who always says no. He wants to hang out with his dad more often because his dad lets him do what pleases him and he is seemingly more happy. The mom realizes that he is becoming more distant due to her “restrictions” and so she finally gives in...just a little.

For years liberals have been giving society small tastes of different pleasures while republicans have said no, but after some time people become unhappy with republicans for “restricting their freedom”. They are looked upon as the extremists. They are looked upon as the parent that always said no, so they give in a little. This cycle has been going on for centuries. Divorce used to be looked down upon, and now it does not phase anyone.


There is no God in the leftists ideology, and the last remnants of true and right values in the republican party, which are indeed Catholic, are not seen as Catholic values, only as values traditionally held by our fathers and their fathers. Many do not know the essence of their beliefs are Catholic. In fact, many Catholics do not realize this. As Catholics we must understand that many of our “conservative” values are in fact Catholic values, based on Catholic principles which have been held onto by the Catholic Church for centuries. We have to realize that all truth belongs to the Catholic Church, because God is truth. And so all that is truth is of God.

We must see a larger picture. We must make distinctions and realize that the left is Godless and the right also has flaws. We have to keep in mind at all times while advocating or supporting certain politicians and movements, that there are things that we may agree with, but there are also many things that those politicians or movements advocate that oppose the essence of our beliefs as Catholics. The world is not simple, and so we must be on watch, prepared to take a stand for all that is good, and condemn all that is evil.

This is not to say that there is no hope. Of course there is always hope. But we first have to establish that Christ is King. We have to reestablish that abortion is not wrong because a mother kills her child, but it is wrong because she kills God’s child.

And many of you will say that this task is impossible. That we will never live again in the days where the Catholic Church reigns and Christ rules the lives of all. So then what is the solution?

The solution is to look at the world in a different perspective. The solution is for every Catholic to rig the game in their favor. And we do this by fighting and reestablishing in our own lives Christ as King, and, if we are able to, look at the world in a different light. If we are able to look at the world with a hopeful perspective, then we will come to the reality that yes, the game is rigged, but for Catholics that live their faith by taking a stand against themselves and their weaknesses, and by taking a stand against everything and everyone that opposes the law of God. Faith without works is dead. For one to say “I am Catholic” is easy. But to act Catholic is a task and burden only for the strong ready to “take heaven with violence”.

For fallen away catholics, the world is great. For mediocre catholics the world is not that bad.

For strong Catholics the world seems hopeless, because the world is Godless. However, we must remember another dark time in the history of the world. A time of darkness. A time when the world was in a sense Godless. The time when God Himself was murdered. Crucified on a wooden cross. But what came out of such darkness? REDEMPTION. We must be ready to step up and fight. We must be ready to die if we must. God wants warriors, not spineless men who justify their silence and lack of action as kindness.

And if we step up, “Everything is in our favor, whatever may happen to us. If we are conquered, we shall be martyrs; if we triumph, the glory of God will be exalted.”

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