Dear Men...

Kaelyn Marble

Dear men,

Masculinity isn’t toxic. It’s what we need.

The West has become a society in which men can be women, women can be men, women and men are equally capable at all the same things, men are oppressive, and gender doesn’t exist. If you have any sense left in you, none of those statements mean anything. Most of us just roll our eyes and maybe even laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. But one of the things we must understand is that those who make these claims are no longer just saying it. The ones pushing these ideas have an iron grip on the culture and they know what they want even if they can’t or won’t put it into words. What they want is for women to toss aside their femininity and for men to sacrifice their masculinity.

Western society’s plot to overthrow femininity is easily traceable and is necessary to examine to understand the attack on manliness. The women’s liberation movements of the 60’s and onward were the beginning of the end. Gone were the days of suffrage calling for equal rights, and the world shifted towards giving the individual woman the ultimate form of power over the male in her womb: she could legally decide whether the baby boy would live or die. A society which allows this firmly opposes true gender equality.

Society has been pushing for women to come into power. Why? It’s not because they have women’s best interests at heart. It’s because the destruction of the natural order leads to chaos and chaos allows for dictators to take power. Why is it that women holding the majority of leadership positions would disrupt the moral order? It’s not because they’re incompetent or unable, but because the instinct to lead and protect is ingrained into the soul of every man, however dormant or misguided he may allow that desire to become.

Leadership doesn’t have to mean being the CEO of a major corporation or a government official; it can be leading a family as a good father or leading coworkers with a positive attitude in any task. However, with every passing year the presence of strongly masculine personalities is dwindling in workplaces, homes, and churches. Instead of people who strive after strong minds, strong bodies, and strong spirits, the workplace is full of individuals perfectly content to go about their lives without ambition for anything higher. To them, life is about doing what’s necessary to get the most amount of pleasure possible. This leads to problems in the home. If life is about obtaining pleasure, then women become a source of pleasure, and a man marries the woman who most fulfills his desires for the sole reason that they can give each other what they want. Then, when things don’t “work out,” he can divorce her and move on. The vicious cycle continues. In the Church, the squishy approach towards Catholicism that has become increasingly popular in the past half of a century is largely the result of the men entrusted with leading Christ’s sheep not standing up for the truth of Jesus Christ. Intimidated by the barrage of insults and the scorn from the world, they either refuse to condemn immorality and choose at times to defend them. Is it any wonder that there’s a crisis in the Church today?

So, society has used women as pawns in its game and browbeaten men into stepping back. No one believes the truth anymore and society uses gender as a weapon. How do we come out of this?

Just as the gender problems in the West began with women being misled about their role, it will end with men coming to know and embracing their own.

Men, you must know that you can and should lead, but it’s not going to be handed to you. Society will tell you to rip out your protectiveness, desire to provide, and ambition to build a legacy so you can fill the void with empty pleasures and aimless wanderings. But that’s not what you were made to do. The healing of society can’t take place until men are willing to stand up for what’s right and use their strength to lead their families and communities out of the darkness that has fallen upon the West. Until they can embrace the dignity of work, the workplace will remain riddled with ambitionless blobs with no desire to leave the world better than when they came into it. Fathers will wonder why their children act out and never care enough to intervene. Worse, they will walk away from their families before they even have time to wonder. Without strong men to lead the way, the Church will continue to suffer. Those who abuse their power will always come into the Magisterium, but it will only stay if the clergy all decide to remain quiet rather than risk losing anything by stomping on the bad seed. Anyone can resolve themselves to eliminate the evil that they find in the world, but men are in a special position to do so because of the role they play in the home and the Church. Men have an essential role in driving back the darkness.

Edmund Burke once said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Doing nothing is not an option. Men, take up the good fight and lead the way.

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