To Vote Or Not To Vote

As pandemic crisis, riots, and the pulling down of our nation's statues continue, the 2020 presidential election becomes increasingly important as the future of America is at stake. We are being told that if this continues there will be a revolution, that America will never be the same again. So what candidate should we vote for in the November election?

On one side there is a supposed Catholic candidate who seems ready to let the left-wing mob take control of this country. How can any Catholic candidate have anything to do with the killing of the unborn? How can any Catholic candidate be on the side of these people? On his side is another supposed Catholic heading the House in the most shameful of ways! Is it possible for a Speaker of the House to publicly rip up the State of the Union Address which included the defense of the unborn, moments after the President gave it? And then there is an influential Catholic governor, in name, rejoicing over the passing of an abortion bill etc.... The Catholics have truly failed that party!

It would seem easy then to say that we need to vote for the other party. And in this year's election that will probably have to be the case if we want to slow down this corruption. But those are the key words here - slow down the corruption. Has this party done much to fight these policies which the left-wingers are pushing? Yes, we seem to have a president who seems to be pro-life and a supporter of a few other good things that align with our beliefs. However, let us not deceive ourselves. Voting for our current president is just slowing down the corruption; it is only keeping us from the extremists. In the end though, there will continue to be many liberal policies running our country. How many of our president's party's governors for example were protecting churches during this pandemic? How many of this party's leaders were outraged at the recent ruling by the Supreme Court on the unjust protection of LGBT rights? How many of them were fighting the unrest gripping our country?

As Catholics, we must better understand our Faith so that we can better discern the times in which we live. Our Catechism tells us that we should be involved in the voting of our public officials. But we also need to be more active in influencing them to support the natural law and, in the end, the rights of Christ the King. Pope Pius XI said, "If, therefore, the rulers of nations wish to preserve their authority, to promote and increase the prosperity of their people, they will not neglect the public duty of reverence and obedience to the rule of Christ." The election is just a little over four months away. What can we do to help our country during this election? Are we praying more? Are we doing penance for these intentions? Are we trying to be more devout in our spiritual exercises? Pius XI notes that the Kingdom of Christ “demands of its subjects a spirit of detachment from riches and earthly things, and a spirit of gentleness. They must hunger and thirst after justice, and, more than this, they must deny themselves and carry the cross.” Great demands indeed! Perhaps we will resume our all-day adorations in the Fall for these intentions.

Some of us are worried of public unrest and about how we can protect ourselves. These are legitimate concerns. Those times may come. But are we preparing ourselves spiritually? We need a spiritual militia before a material one, for our battle “is against principalities and powers"! The reign of Christ is truly the answer as Pope Leo XIII said in 1900:

"Oh, what happiness would be ours if all men, individuals, families, and nations, would but let themselves be governed by Christ. Then at length, will many ills be cured; then will the law regain its former authority, peace with all its blessings be restored. Men will sheathe their swords and lay down their arms when all freely acknowledge and obey the authority of Christ, and every tongue confesses that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father.”

In conclusion, vote to slow down the corruption, but don't be satisfied with crumbs when we should have so much more!


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