7 Ways Catholics Should Respond to the Coronavirus

1.) Remember what's important. Chaos is contagious. We cannot give in and be a part of the frantic groups of people running in fear. They run in fear because many of them do not have the grace of faith. We have the Faith, we cannot forget that. Our Faith is what is most important.

2.) Be the example. As chaos is contagious, so is hope. As Catholics we have a supernatural hope for we know that God will never abandon us. We must be pillars of light that spread this hope to all who see it. We must be the example, with the desire of leading many to the path of eternal salvation.

3.) Courage. Many Catholics perhaps are fearsome of this virus, but we must all come to the realization that we have nothing to be afraid of, for we have God on our side. And as Catholics, if we are truly living a life of faith, we will only see victory; for if we survive such disasters like the virus, providence has safeguarded us. And if the virus takes our life, we will see victory in the world to come. Take courage, God is on our side.

4.) Be prepared. No matter what happens in our communities or daily lives from this pandemic, our souls are more important and more precious. Our souls remain untouched by these disasters, for we alone have control over the state of our soul. We must always be prepared, for we never know when our time will come. Our souls must be prepared, for disaster always strikes as a surprise.

5.) Find balance. So far we have seen two extremes. One being that this virus will destroy the world. The other being that this virus is a complete hoax. We must find a balance between the both. Taking it seriously enough to look out for the health of others, while at the same time, finding structure and balance in our day, and we can do this by the continuing of our duty of state.

6.) Care for others. In times like these, many go into a sort of survival mode. This creates a mentality of “survival of the fittest”, when many become selfish and care only for themselves. Of course we must take care of ourselves and our family, but we must practice true charity and kindness by helping those that are in need.

7.) Trust. The virus is dangerous, but it is only but a grain of sand in comparison to the infinite power of God. Trust in God. He is in control. He will not abandon us.

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