Fabulous Womanhood

Catholic women unite and take note. It is essential for us to be faithful, fit, and fun. And if, in our efforts to become so, we continue to aim for the Bulls Eye, we will one day be rewarded the Golden Ticket and enter into Paradise. So Ladies, where do we begin?

Let’s keep things simple. Now that doesn’t mean we are not intelligent. Of course we are. God created each of us with an intellect that will serve us well according to His plan for our individual pathway to Heaven. But by keeping things simple we are more apt to remember His plan and are more likely to follow it consistently in our daily lives (like an easy dinner recipe or a diet that is uncomplicated to follow). Does keeping things simple mean that we should not continue to strive, learn and grow in our Faith and evolve as Catholic women who are actively part of the Mystical Body of Christ? The answer here is no, no, no, and certainly NOT! We must continually nurture our Faith through prayer, penance, meditation, spiritual reading, the sacraments, and by staying overall FIT!

Yes, you are reading it. I said, “Fit.” As Catholic women it is essential that we be balanced, well rounded and overall fit. This means that we are obliged not only to properly feed our souls but also to appropriately nourish our bodies, our intellect and our emotional and mental well being. We should strive to do so by employing all the nutrients, resources, and tools our immortal Creator has given us. Certainly we have an obligation to be as healthy as possible in every area of our lives because God intended for us to be fabulous and whole women. Therefore, we must be determined not to ignore or neglect any area of our being. Instead, we must recognize, tend to, and respect all components of our nature. For example, when we are praying regularly and focusing on feeding our spiritual life we feel more positive about who we are and who we hope to become. We realize that we are motivated to get other ‘jobs’ done. When we are following a nutritious diet and getting into ‘shape’ we are more likely to be properly devoted to prayer. Conversely, when we neglect our prayer life we often begin to feel less worthy and therefore unable to muster the desire to eat well or accomplish basic tasks required of our duty of state. Furthermore, if we gain 10 pounds after several weeks feasting on chips and donuts we are less motivated to work hard, to socialize, to pray with intent or to even pray at all.

God wants healthy and happy souls representing Him and His kingdom. And by working to achieve overall health of soul, mind, and body we will not only continue to blossom in His love but we will also impact others with our positive Christian spirit. Our strong, feminine, and Mary-like examples will better aid us in impacting the many starving female souls around us who need to be watered by the power of our joyfully lived Catholic Faith. Eventually, they too may seek the opportunity to grow in grace. Share the wealth!

As representatives of Catholic womanhood we should feel empowered when our minds are sharpened by learning something new each day, whether it be a difficult routine at the gym, an interesting psychological tool to get our children to help around the house, an exciting concept presented by a colleague at work or a verse in the Bible. We will also feel physically energized when we eat right, sleep tight, follow a routine and allow ourselves time to exercise our bodies, the vessels of our souls. Time with our beloveds, social gatherings with friends, an extra half hour for reading a frivolous novel, or making a visit to the Blessed Sacrament ALONE are all excellent ways in which we can fuel our overall well being.

It is also imperative that we keep track of and pamper our fashion sense (or discover one if need be). We can reward our efforts and purchase a new outfit more than once in a blue moon. If finances get in the way, we can easily turn that roadblock into a stepping stone by reinventing an old outfit with some colorful accessories which will make us want to swirl around our home before a new day begins or stride confidently into the courtroom to represent a case in vogue like style. And we don’t need to feel bad for feeling smart and stylish (and even sassy once in a while) as long as we remember all things are possible because God permits them. It is okay to celebrate healthy self esteem which is the direct result of the effective use of the instruments the generous Master has given us as a means to Heaven. Yes Catholic sisters, now we are talking fun!

Certainly we should be fun and have fun. We should be joyful and attempt to be so even amidst our sorrows. Because, no matter what, we can be happy and grateful for the fact we are children of God who are learning, loving and being loved in return. And most importantly we are doing our personal best to lead balanced Catholic lives, as true feminists, Catholic feminists, women with a mission. Just as we must seek out and appreciate the beauty in nature, we must also seek out and appreciate the (God given) beauty in ourselves. We are not talking about acting with pride, but rather acting with confidence. This confidence in ourselves should motivate us to express further gratitude to the most loving Father who has given us everything we need to know, love and serve Him on this earth so that we may rejoice eternally with Him in Heaven.

So remember, friends, let us use our heads to know and to learn about God and the magnificent countries He gave us to live in, our beings which were created in His image and likeness. We must think positively about our lives and ourselves and consistently practice self-affirming thoughts. These uplifting thoughts, supported by the continual knowledge of He who is Everything, will enable us to use our emotions to feel happy, hopeful and interested in being part of not only our own homes and Catholic communities but also part of the world beyond our safe horizons.

Positive thoughts breed positive emotions. So, while our head continues to learn, to know and to focus on wonderfully assuring thoughts, our hearts will begin to feel happier and embrace warmth, generosity, peace and an array of positive emotions. This increased knowledge and love for the Almighty and for our own souls will erupt into a generous desire to reach out not only to better serve and glorify the King of Kings but also to better serve the world He has created for us to thrive in as Faithful, fit and fun Catholic women!

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