The Necessity of Being a Light to the World

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” Jn. 8:32

There is nothing more satisfying to the human mind than the possession of truth. Man’s goal as we know is his happiness; happiness which will only come by knowledge of the Truth. God is Truth Itself and our ultimate goal. If we strive to find the truth, we will find Him. What then could be more pacifying to the restless soul than to find truth, clear and bright? Nothing can be naturally greater than this conforming of one’s mind to reality, which is what we call truth. To possess truth is humanity’s true happiness.

If this is so, then I ask you, what could be worse than not possessing the truth? Certainly that should be our greatest fear. The not knowing it, not finding it, the turning away from it –the thought of these things alone should make us tremble in fear. And yet not possessing truth seems to be something more and more common. Far more advanced than men even a century ago, our society has become swollen with pride to the extreme point of denying its own truth-seeking nature; our society has accepted falsehood as truth; our society has plunged into a dark cave and called that darkness light; our society has done the unthinkable.

This darkness has pulled its mantle over our world and has filled its people with the horrors of insanity, malice and fear. Human beings, who are meant to be like torches shining with truth, have fallen into a pit full of obscurity.

The denial of truth has made us insane. Men have decided to accept that reality exists in one’s own mind and not in itself. In practice of course they do not follow this idea since it would be actual insanity. No one grabs a cup, fills it with powdered glass and calls it coffee. It does not matter how much he thinks the powdered glass to be coffee, it will cut his throat when he tries to drink it. This idea is ridiculous, and even if believed, no one actually acts on it. The accepted insanity is a collective insanity. If more than one person says that falsehood is truth, then it is accepted, since the collective cannot possibly be wrong. How could it? Well it can! We have let falsehood chain us and we have called those chains freedom.

The denial of truth has also made us malicious. Men have decided to call normality abnormality, and abnormality normality; murder mercy, and mercy murder; foulness fairness, and fairness foulness. It is not only a matter of weakness that men have fallen this low. Few if no one, out of weakness would accept unrepentantly that killing the unwanted young and the unwanted old is something good! Few if no one, out of weakness would accept shamelessly that homosexuality is normal! Few, very few out of weakness professes that this is the right way of life! Very few! To reach this point one must be full of malice.

This oppressive climate of wrong and yet dominant ideas, has also brought a sense of fear. Those who recognize that something is wrong with this populist reality and that falsehood used to be falsehood and nothing else, do not raise their voices. They are terrified since the defenders of falsehood are aggressive, violent, and irrational. They are like beasts, for they do not think, they only shout, and man! They do it well. They know they are in the wrong and they want to shut up anyone who reminds them of their error. They attack viciously until everyone agrees with them and kisses their feet. It seems as if no one is brave enough to say that 2+2 is not 5, that a man is not a woman, that truth is truth no matter the who, where or when!

A world that denies truth and lives in darkness is a world doomed to die. A world that embraces darkness is a world that embraces suicide. We are living in that self- destructing world right now, and we cannot just stand and watch it crumble. We are still the torchbearers; we carry the truth in us, and we must do something with it. It is really a matter of life and death, since falsehood cannot breed anything but death.

Carrying the light, the truth, is what will save us. When we walk surrounded by darkness and horrors ready to devour us and make us drop the light we carry, it is then when we must carry it up high, dispelling the shadows, letting all around us see the truth and be blinded by it. Winds will blow. We will be beaten, detracted, scorned, rejected, all to make us drop the torch, all to make the light disappear. We must stay strong; if we stay faithful, the light will burn brighter than ever, because truth is like a torch, and the more it’s shaken the more its brightness is renewed.

Now, being the guardian of that light, ensuring that its rays be not extinguished, is but one duty of the torchbearer. The truth bearer is not only there to preserve the light but to share it. He is there to enkindle, to set on fire. Those of us who have the honour and the responsibility of being guardians of the truth must set out on this pilgrimage of life ready to give that light and start a fire. Not a fire that rises and dies once spent on a flash of enthusiasm, but a fire that will engulf the entire world. A fire that will bring other fires into existence and, in due time, will make this world be sustained in the undying flames of Truth and Love.

This is the destiny of every single one of us who have the honor and grace of having the Light. We have received the brand of truth, and nothing could be more shameful for us than to go out and extinguish it before the altars of human respect and falsehood. We must not fail. We cannot fail. If we do, we will only become ashes amid the ruin of the world.

Truth cannot and will not be defeated. Whether being with it or against it will be our choice alone, as well as the consequences that will come from that choice. Let us therefore be the light that dispels the darkness that is consuming our society; let us be the flame that enkindles the hearts of men to that defense and recovery of truth; and let us go out and set the whole world aflame.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light!

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