The dark is not more powerful than the light. We are not left in a state of desperation because God wants us to be unhappy. We experience this desperation in sorrowful times because we focus on the pain—whether it is the world’s evil or our own personal sufferings, sins, frustrations, and weaknesses—without seeing anything else. While our times may seem like the worst the world has ever seen, we have to remember that we are not constantly surrounded by evil. In fact, we are constantly surrounded by good, and it is up to us to find it.

We have each been placed on this earth, in this time, not by chance, but by God. We all have been given a task, a road to walk, a journey. We do not know what lies ahead, only that we will have to face whomever or whatever comes our way. We all are given a burden, a cross. It lies upon our shoulders and as we get closer to our end, it grows heavier. But we cannot keep focusing on the pain.

The saints went through so much suffering and they fell time and time again but they got up. They were not discouraged. They were not disheartened. They continued their journey. Why? Because they could see past the pain. They could see past the obstacles and the tragedies of the world. They saw beyond. And to see beyond is to see God.

Suffering is part of life. To experience sadness is natural. To fall is human. But what separates us from others is our ability to get up after we fall. We have to be able to see beyond. We have to be able to see God in everything. When we suffer, it is an opportunity to become stronger. When we sin, it is an opportunity for us to repent—to get up, and try again. When we hear blasphemy or see impurities, it is a call to greater virtue. When we experience a tragedy, it is an opportunity for us to be humbled and accept God's will.

Our crosses will not end. There will always be obstacles and suffering, and so it is our duty to decide how we will approach them. We can choose to lose hope and give up, or we can choose to see beyond. God will not abandon us, in fact He is by our side, even when we fall.

We have to change our way of thinking and this is very difficult. It will not happen overnight, it could even take years. I ask you, dear reader, to seek comfort in your pain. This is easier said than done, but in doing so you will find God. You will find a way to come out on the other side of this pain even stronger.

In a moment of pain or frustration we have all cried out in desperation, “God, where are You?” He is there, but not where we expected Him to be. He is in that pain. He is in that frustration. But though He is there in the pain, do not think that He takes any joy in it.. For your sorrow He has only sorrow; for your pain, only pain; for your patience, great wonder; for your love, Infinite Love. While our pain seems so close to us, there is nothing and no one closer to us than God, for with every sufferer stands the Man of Sorrows with His Cross. “There is a scheme in which all pain is touched with the divine, by the hand of One who has endured, Himself. A scheme in which pain is not worthless, but of eternal value for the victim and the sufferer. It is the scheme of the Cross of God.”

We are never alone in suffering even when all seems to be lost. When the whole world abandons us, there is hope. When our friends and family abandon us, there is hope. When the pleasures of the world leave us with nothing but emptiness, there is hope. When we find ourselves old, torn, and tattered, there is hope. When we find our relationship with God broken because of our own selfish ways, there is hope. And this is because we are constantly surrounded by good. We are constantly surrounded by Him, our hope.

The dark is not more powerful than the light. But we have to choose to see the light, even in the pain, and we must remember that pain is temporary. It may last a minute, an hour or even a year, but eventually it will subside. And something else will take its place. However, if we quit, it will last forever. So we must go on. Keep up the fight. And stay on THE PATH.

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