A Tale of Two Marches

In Washington a few days ago, the fourth annual Women’s March took place. This Friday, January 24, the 47th annual March for Life will take place. Both happen in Washington, D.C.

The Women’s March originated four years ago and was scheduled to coincide with the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as a protest against his election. The March for Life originated as a reaction to the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. The March for Life started as a way to call attention to the injustice of abortion, and is the world’s largest annual demonstration focused on human rights. The Women’s March started as a way to vent outrage over a lost election.

The differences between the two marches are very clear, as are the differences between those who believe that life begins at conception and is worthy of protection and those who demand that the ‘right’ to kill unborn children be maintained and advanced.

Those of us who will be participating in the March for Life have truth and science and ethics on our side. Those who speak at any of the Women’s Marches must rely on semantic gymnastics in order to sound sane and rational and civilized. In his podcast UnAborted, pro-life activist and speaker Seth Gruber said “the left needs euphemism [on abortion] because the reality is too disgusting.” They must use terms like ‘choice’ and ‘reproductive rights’ and they say ‘it’s a fetus, not a baby’ in clear denials of reality. The undeniable reality is that a human being’s life begins at conception, when even as a single cell the individual is a member of the human race and is only denied the rights and protections of personhood because it serves the purpose of abortion.

The March for Life marchers will be made up of people from all walks of life, men and women, all ethnic groups and all ages—united in the certainty that life begins at conception and is worthy and deserving of protection. Those who marched in the Women’s March are united in a cause—and it is not the cause of all women. It is the cause of abortion—and men and pro-life women need not try to have a voice with them. They have famously excluded women’s pro-life groups that wanted to participate in the Women’s March. The March for Life excludes no one regardless of race or gender as long as they agree about life. There is no hypocrisy in this—but hypocrisy on their side abounds. They say ‘no womb-no say’ and that ‘old white men have no business making laws about vaginas’ because they want America to believe that the pro-life movement is a male dominated conspiracy. They ignore the fact that Roe v. Wade was decided by seven of nine Supreme Court Justices, all male and six of the seven were white. They also are happy to have their ranks swelled by men that are ‘bro-choice’. Did you know that early feminists were pro-life and were opposed to the abortion agenda because it was promoted by men who wanted an escape from the consequences of their sexual behavior? Those early feminists recognized that abortion would not empower women, but would empower those men engaged in the sexual exploitation of women.

Furthermore, in their propagandist actions designed to make America believe that the pro-life movement is a male-dominated entity, they ignore a crucial reality. The pro-life movement has among its leaders many strong and vibrant women: Abby Johnson, Dr. Alveda King, Lila Rose, Dr. Donna Harrison, Sue Thayer, Victoria Robinson, and many others. Senators Marsha Blackburn, Martha McSally, and Joni Ernst are all pro-life women. But more significantly, the grassroots part of the pro-life movement is almost exclusively led by women. There are more than 2,500 pro-life pregnancy centers across the country. Most are led by women, and in those centers the majority of the paid staff and volunteers are women. I am the medical director of Portico, the pro-life pregnancy center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It was started more than 35 years ago when a local woman, Laura Messick, was at home with her newborn baby girl one day when a news story came on television. That story told of traumatized sanitation workers in a California city who had spilled the contents of a dumpster and had all seen the body parts of aborted babies spilling out onto the street. Laura was horrified, and the cause of life became her life’s work. She is still the executive director of that center, and it is part of a coalition of thirty centers across Tennessee. Twenty-seven of the thirty have women as their executive directors and Portico has women making up more than 100% of the paid staff and more than 95% of the volunteers. The pro-life movement is not mostly led by nor is it dominated by men, no matter how much the pro-aborts want you to believe that. The pro-life movement is not anti-women, but the pro-abortion movement is most definitely anti-baby.

The pro-life Marchers want to help women, and we do so effectively. The pro-abortion movement just wants to abort unwanted babies. The pro-life movement tells women “You can do this. You have what it takes. We will help you.” The pro-abortion movement tells women “You will never be as strong as a man, as successful as a man, as wealthy as a man, as well-educated as a man—unless you have the right to kill your unborn babies.” In an ultimate act of misogyny, the pro-abortion members of The United States House of Representatives once killed a bill, proposed by a Republican man, that would have outlawed the practice of sex-selection abortion—killing an unborn baby simply because she is a female when the parents wanted a boy. That same bill would have outlawed abortions done because of the baby’s racial heritage—yet they call pro-lifers racist and sexist. These are the people who lead the Women’s March, and they are nothing like those of us who will March for Life.

In closing, I will speak to those whose sympathies are strongly with pro-abortion side of this struggle:

We are not like you.

No matter how many times you say it, we do not wish to take away a true and just right from anyone. That is what you must have America believe about us, but it is simply not true. We are not cold and calloused towards the needs of women. You are projecting your own cold and calloused attitudes toward the youngest and most helpless members of the human race upon us and ascribing your own motives upon us—but that is not accurate or true in any sense of the word.

We recognize and are willing to fight for the human rights of all human beings, and being pro-life is based upon the clear and undeniable scientific and medical reality that human life begins at conception. Your belief that abortion is a human right is based on your opinion that those most weak and helpless and innocent of us are disposable in the most inhumane ways imaginable simply because they are unwanted, inconvenient, or expensive in some way. That is what separates us from you.

We are not like you.

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