Letter to Catholics

Dear Catholics of the World,

What do you see? When was the last time you looked around with a sincere heart and an honest eye at the world that surrounds you?

Do you not see what I now see? Do you not feel with every fiber of your being what I now feel?

The world is against us.

What more do you need to see to believe it?

Drag queens simulate abortions in dance halls, pagan statues are paraded through our basilicas, filth and perversity are displayed before our eyes with no shame or excuse.

What more do you need to see or feel to believe that the world wants nothing but your destruction?

We stand and walk about as if nothing is wrong. We laugh at crude jokes, watch films with impurities and turn a deaf ear to blasphemies.

And I say enough is enough.

Have you not seen enough? Or are you now so numb to all the offense that it means nothing to you when you fall, if you even see that you have fallen anymore?

And now Our Christ has been portrayed as a homosexual and His Mother as a whore - and what have you done to wage war against this world?

The time is now.

No more compromise. No more taking in the things that we know our God would be ashamed of.

We are Catholics. Sons of a pure and virgin Mother and Queen. How can we sit there and watch and listen and act in a way that would shame her to the very core of her being?

We were born to fight. To fight for her honor, to fight and defend her innocence and her majesty. And yet we have sold our souls like hidden prostitutes in the dark. We have caved in to the enemy for a few simple pleasures, vanities and comforts.

How much more insult and injury must be done to the honor of our God and our Queen until we wake up from our stupor?

When will our gaze be fixed and not distracted?

When will our resolve be immovable and not so easily swayed?

When will our hearts be filled with desire and not so attracted by the world which strips the honor of our God like a vile rapist in the night?

The time is now. The world has distracted us from what matters most. The world has seduced us with the thought of being “balanced” when all we have been is cowards who compromise on beliefs in order to not stand out or sacrifice.

Let the age of Catholic cowardice be over and let the age of Catholic heroism begin.

Stand up for your God that has stood up for you. Stand up for your Mother who has lived for you. Stand up for your Christ who died for you.

Wake up each morning and understand that you are at war. A war which needs men and women to not see mortal sin as the danger, but to see any sin as the danger in order to be victorious.

Why are we so obsessed with the idea that everything that the world offers is there for us? It is a trick of the Enemy, a trap of the world. We are not meant for indulgence. We are meant for sacrifice. We are meant for generosity which stands and fights with all the vigor and passion that God has given it.

And don't you dare let this be just random and useless words that fall upon false ears and timid hearts. Stand up strong and look deep into your heart and see what Trojan horses the world has set up within the walls of your soul, what compromises you have dwelling within your house. Find these hidden enemies. Find them. And seek to destroy them.

Set up a daily plan of action that is both challenging and realistic and fight.

Fight by cancelling those subscriptions, fight by turning off that music, fight by getting rid of some of those clothes, fight by setting up boundaries, fight by eradicating everything that you could not bring before your Mother in heaven without shame and hesitancy.

It is not about sin. It is about anything that might deal even the smallest offense to our God.

So fight. Fight when you wake up, fight when you drive to work, fight when you talk to those who you work with, fight when you eat, fight when you drink, fight when you pray, fight when your read, fight when you relax, fight when you play, fight at every moment that you breathe the air that God courses through the vessel that he forged to wage His war.

Fight by giving everything to your God even if that means sacrificing everything that you love. For that is what soldiers do. Give all, give everything. No matter the cost.

Dear Catholics of the world, what do you see?

I see a small force of men and women - resolved and filled with desire to fight. I see a large host of enemy forces - shocked and recoiling at the sight of such bravery, such generosity and such determination in the face of challenge.

I see the Catholics of 2020. The ones who finally decided that enough was enough.

Be brave. Be generous. And never compromise.

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