One Mile

Why do we need to run?

I don’t think I have been motivated to run once during this mile challenge. Every day when I get home from work, it has been a struggle to change, do a bunch of jumping jacks to warm up, and then pull my running shoes on to go out into the cold and exercise for a maximum of 10 minutes. I often thought about how to write an article to motivate the rest of you that are running this mile with me. All of you out there silently participating in this endeavor all for our own intentions.

Every time I began to write this article, I started with that question first: Why do we need to run? Why do I have to run today? Why do I, after a stressful day, have to do this? I just want one day off. From this struggle. My feet hurt. Shin splints have settled. My legs are sore. And it’s cold outside. And I feel my weakness when I attempt to put one foot in front of the other, and by the time I get 200 yards into that run and just barely crest the first hill, I want to stop. But I know the rest of you are out there. I know the rest of you are as tired as I am. I know the rest of you are out there running too. And I know that my intention is compounded by all of yours. And I know that every foot I plant in front of the other is for you, too.

Because these last few days are for every mile I didn’t run. Every time I gave into temptation. Every time I cheated God. Every time I quit. Pain is temporary. It might last a minute, an hour or even year. But eventually it will subside. And something else will take its place. However, if I quit, if we quit, it will last forever. So we must go on.

That question, “why do I have to run today?”—is there now. In my head when I get up and go to work, when I kneel down to pray, when I go to Church in Sunday. It’s there. And I know it’s towards discomfort, and sometimes even agony. It’s towards what I don’t want to do. It’s towards not being able to just rest. It’s towards conflict. It leads to war against the things I’d rather ignore. But also it’s one mile closer to Heaven. One mile closer to God. One mile closer not just for my intentions, but for yours. All of you out there, running your miles are my motivation to run my own. Because sometimes doing it for just myself is not enough. So do me a favor today as we go out again. In these final days, run for me. Run for all of us. Let’s all chase perfection together. Let us all rush into combat together. On every front, let’s attack these final days. Let’s fight together to finish this strong. Now get out there and run.

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