Excellence: Where'd It Go?

There is something big missing in our lives—excellence and the drive to be extraordinary.

Our society seeks after the ordinary. In our country there’s a diversity of race, culture, and lifestyle, but still so many people are the same. They want to be like everyone else. Young people are influenced by celebrities and the media to swallow any idea that is the fad at the moment. It’s a pattern of life, and it’s simply ordinary.

There is no outstanding quality to that life…but there can be! It’s important to understand that even though everyone is preaching their individuality, they are all really just copying each other. But we don’t have to. We weren’t made to be ordinary. We were created to surpass the ordinary and be extraordinary. And more importantly, we were created to share this with everyone around us so that they can strive for excellence.

Whenever I meet new people and become involved in their lives, I often see a strange phenomenon. They are often good people who may do charity work, or who have accomplished great things at work or in school, but I always notice that at some point during their lives, they just stop. They don’t go any further. They have so much more potential but they don’t think that they need to pursue anything big any longer. They set comfortable goals, which they may have reached or not, and are satisfied with just that.

What our world really needs is a strong generation that is seeking excellence, not the ordinary. Every single one of us is extremely powerful. Each one of us can determine what our future will be like and help determine the futures of others, too. So we can’t let what we do be mediocre and uninspiring.

So what do you do? How do you strive for excellence? How can you be an extraordinary person?

1. Don’t mistake excellence for extremeness. Being extraordinary doesn’t mean being the smartest or the fastest. It’s simple to be extraordinary: just be better at what you do than your ordinary self. Be ambitious for something greater than your pride.

2. Don’t be afraid of going further. Pushing yourself is not something to be afraid of; it’s something to embrace. Fear will only only get in your way and destroy your efforts.

3. Remember that you are an influencer. What you do always has an impact on those around you, friend or stranger. Always strive to be your best, and you will be an excellent influence, a catalyst of extraordinary change.

How extraordinary are you? Are you conquering your flaws every day, smiling at a stranger, being joyful when you’re close to despair? Are you overcoming your fear of failure?

You may feel alone on your journey towards excellence because it seems like extraordinary is a long way away. But the amazing thing is that as soon as you make your first step towards a life of excellence, you attract a community of people who have the same desire, the same drive for excellence as you.

A community of ordinary people have something in common: a lack of excellence. A community of extraordinary people share something too—not an emptiness of excellence, but a fullness of desire and action towards being their best selves.

Keep God on your side. Keep virtue in your soul. Embrace the sufferings that come in your daily routine. Welcome happiness and destroy indifference. Be a warrior, be a martyr, be a saint.

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