Why Is Our Warpath Still Here?

This was not a spur of the moment thing. It seems that so many things today are. But not this endeavor. To be honest, it was a long time coming. This world is crazy. You look around and you realize that there is just madness swirling at you from every corner. And at first you look at it and are shocked. You detest it.

But as time goes on, even though you still detest the horror that you first saw, you seem to be taking on different attributes of the madness. It’s almost like you can’t help it. You tell yourself you don’t like what you are becoming but it’s hard to get away from it.


Why do we begin to take on so much of the madness around us? Why do we feel less and less like the virtuous selves that we thought we were when our journey began as independent, young adults in the ever-evolving world of our personal, social and spiritual lives?

Simple. Because we stopped thinking.

This world is a world of ideas. Every action is decided by an idea. We think. And then we act. Our thinking determines everything we do, even in a moment of weakness when we might do something that normally we would never imagine ourselves doing — in that moment our thinking is twisted and deranged to fit what we want.

If we want to change the world, if we want to change ourselves, we must continuously have the ideas and thoughts to do so. Ideas have always been the catalysts that change everything. Revolutions rise up — because of ideas. Religions are born — because of ideas. Ordinary people become heroes — because of ideas. Civilizations and empires are born because of them. Ideas drive us.

But what happens when people stop thinking? They cut themselves off from the main source of their growth and improvement. It is the idea that like a small seed in the mind blossoms and expands into beauty newly discovered — beauty worth holding on to. And without this, people stop caring so much. There is no longer something bigger than themselves for which they live. They lose the support of some idea that was once burning inside them giving them strength at every moment to continue on. Then the inevitable happens.

Hardship comes. Trials rise up. Things get difficult and people, well, people just start failing. The hard times, or rather the temptations, come and they have nothing to fight for. Nothing worth living firmly for. And so they fall. They slowly slip away from what they were and give way to the new person that they never would have wished to become. Weak. Lacking virtue. And at the heart of it all, unhappy.

This is the age we find ourselves in. An age where people do not live by great ideas, but rather by furious passions and self-serving instincts. An age where people do not want to think but would rather be passive vessels for endless information and data streaming through their narrow consciousness from some cold slate of silicon hardware. We do not want to think. We simply want to feel.


Because we are a people that have lost something.

We are emptier than the generations before us. We are not as happy, not as satisfied, not as fulfilled, not as alive. And so we seek to feel happy, to feel fulfilled, to feel alive. And that is our tragedy.

We have forgotten that what makes us most alive is not a feeling or some passing phantom pleasure that escapes us at every moment and at which we desperately grasp. No. What makes us truly alive is when we engage in that most elevated function that a human being has. The highest faculty of Man is his intelligence. And therefore to be most alive, to fulfill our greatest potential is to maximize our capacity to think. Yes, the happiness of Man begins with his intelligence, begins with an idea. And only then do the vast horizons of virtuous human endeavor become truly possible.

It is time we started thinking again. It is time that we latched on to those great ideas once again that burned within the very beings of our forefathers. I am not talking about some concept of politics or government, or some strange and unreachable utopia but rather the greatest idea of them all: God. It is time we started thinking about God again. It is time that the idea of Him forged its way into the heart of every facet of our lives. That whatever we do, or say, or wear, or desire is inspired and guided by the idea of Him, that we reach Him at every moment and be a stunning reflection of Him.

This life is war. A war of ideas. It has been so from the very beginning of time when the angel they called Lucifer put forth to all of the angelic forces the idea that this God should not be the primary focus of their existence. Creation was a war of ideas.

This is a war. This is our war.

A combat where evil is out to destroy the idea that He is everything in our lives. We must stand together and help each other in this fight. This is why we have Our Warpath.

It is time that we Catholics started fighting this war again. First with ourselves and then with the world which has as its determined goal to destroy the very idea of Him. From now on, we will strive to discipline the body, enrich the mind, and empower the soul. All of these things are necessary for our lives to be lived as they were destined to be lived. But we will not have the steel to accomplish these things without the idea of Him fueling our every moment.

Therefore our goal is singular and it is resolved: that we will no longer stand by and be taken for granted as Catholics. We will fight the war of ideas.

This website seeks to provide you with everything you might need to win this war. Articles are published, written on various topics but always influenced by Catholic thought and motivated by the notion that we must constantly be thinking of the great realities and how they can be seen in everyday life. Daily meditations and spiritual reading are available, as well as weekly resolutions and virtues to be practiced on a daily basis so that we can get back to learning about Him and living for Him. These will help you be better prepared for each and every battle you must face.

Every one of us must fight these battles. We have lost so many in the past, it’s time we started winning more now and in the future. We hope that this site, this endeavor brings help to you in your battles.

The product you see right now is certainly not the final product. We still have much to accomplish. It will take time to build this into what we have envisioned, but we believe that we have the right group of people to get the job done.

Over the last couple months we have slowly brought in talented young men and women from around the country to join our team. It was important for us that this not be an effort done by only one or two but rather a movement of young Catholics from all different walks of life determined to do their part in perfecting not only their own lives but also the lives of the many readers we hope to have.

We will strive to do our part. We hope that you will too.

That's why Our Warpath is still here.

(If you are interested in joining Our Warpath Team, please click here.)

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