How Are You Stretching Who You Are?

Have you ever been to the gym and the next day you’re super sore? Or the day after a long sports event when you forgot to stretch, and you’re just in pain?

We all have, because the body gets stiff when it isn’t stretched. In fact, some people argue that we should stretch daily to maintain good health and keep our bodies in the best condition ever. Makes sense, right?

If that is the case with the body, then it’s the case with our minds as well. What have you been doing or what can you do to stretch who you are and grow a little? Who are you surrounding yourself with? What are you immersing yourself in?

You don’t have to read ten books a day, or do anything extreme. The beautiful thing about a stretch is that it is not fast-paced or super high-energy. It’s a slow and very relaxing process that does amazing things.

Look at all the great sports players, and the amount of stretching they do before and after games. Look at all the successful business people in the world and the learning environment they surround themselves with. They are literally sponges for value; they absorb it all. They are constantly “stretching” themselves to become better each day.

So, it’s simple, how are you stretching yourself to be a better person? I can tell you that if you are not stretching, you are in neutral. You’re not moving forward!

Take a step back. Think to yourself and think honestly. Are we “stretching” ourselves to be better people? Chances are, if you try to write down the ways you’re stretching yourself, you won’t be able to come up with much. This is a perfect starting point: come up with ways you plan to!

We all can achieve this and be great — it’s just making it happen! Get your yoga pants on. Get your water bottles out. Let’s stretch our way to success.

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