Wake Up People! With Purpose!

Like most people, you may sometimes find yourself stuck in a rut. A place where, instead of moving forward, you are moving backwards. Your daily routine becomes a boring ride at the theme park that no longer excites you. What if there was a way to bring you back to the first day you went to that amusement park? A way to bring back an excitement that ignites passion and creates a foundation?

Well, there is.

The first step to getting out of this state of mediocrity is to recognize it. Don’t be afraid. If you are in this boat you’re human! The beautiful thing is, when we are at rock bottom, there is only one way to go and that’s up.

Here is a question for you: What do you do every morning? I assume you brush your teeth, maybe shower, or maybe even make a cup of coffee. But imagine if you were to change your mundane routine into a valuable ritual simply by adding a few steps. You see, studies show that the most successful and organized people in the world all have the same thing in common: a morning ritual. (...I hate to tell you that hitting the snooze button is never part of it.)

For some of these people, it includes meditation. For others, exercise. The point is not so much the activity itself as it is the ritualized reflection -- taking a brief moment to look inward, to see where we are and what our goals are; to reassess whether our mindset is still focused on growth.

So, what should a morning ritual look like? What is it composed of?

It’s simple. It’s just a routine, but one that has a holistic approach. A routine that challenges you mentally, physically and psychologically. Something that takes you out of your comfort zone and empowers you throughout your day. You could wake up early, workout, meditate, or take a walk before getting ready for work. Eventually you might even be able to do all of these!

It may not be easy to start, but by doing it, you’ll have more energy, more drive, and ultimately feel like you have more purpose. Because, my friends, losing this sense of purpose is what made that theme park ride so ordinary. Find your purpose, and you will find your way out of the rut.

PURPOSE makes us humans and not robots.

PURPOSE creates passion and fire.

PURPOSE creates emotion -- and emotion creates motion.

So, my challenge for you is this: lay out a plan. Put together a morning ritual that will challenge you and help you with your goals. Even if it’s one little thing! Any step forward is a good step.

Remember: by doing this, you will have the opportunity to live a more meaningful life, and by doing so, you can help other people. Imagine your routine changing lives. It’s a beautiful thought!

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