Remember Me: The Story of the Great Time Travelers for Christ

There you are. Sitting in a chair in your room not sure what to do next. Or maybe you’re sitting among a group of friends - witty remarks are being thrown around, people are laughing, yelling, music is blaring - life is happening. In that moment in time, you are there. And then you’re not.

What is time? Well, how do we use it? What was the time of your run this morning? How much time will it take for you to make your bed? Or drive to work? It seems that time is a number we give. It’s a measurement of movement. How long it takes for this action or motion to start and to finish. How long it takes for the car to go from A to B. You get it. Everything in creation is in time. Because everything in creation has motion, has movement. But God - He is outside of time.


Well, if time is the measurement of movement, then in order for something to move it must have some sort of body that can be moved or it must at least have the ability to go from one place to another. But the reality of God does not apply to either of these things. He does not have a body. He is a pure Spirit. And He does not move from one place to another. Why? Because He is what we call Omnipresent. Present everywhere. There is nowhere that He is not. So there is no need for Him to move. Also, if He was to move it would mean that He was imperfect. Because we only move in order to achieve something that we were not before. We move to the kitchen because we were not there earlier. We go to pick up the drink because prior to that we did not possess it. We move because there is still something for us to attain. But with God, He is all things. He possesses all things. He is perfectly happy and therefore has no need to move at all.

So we’ve got it. God is outside of time. Therefore He does not see things as we do. We see something as it happens to us. We see the past and we see the present. We cannot see the future. We can try and predict it but we certainly cannot see it. But God can. In fact He sees everything as if it was one moment. Past. Present. Future. To God it is all the same.

So if God is outside of time and can see past, present and future - then Christ on earth saw the past, present and future. After all, Christ is God. And as God, He would have seen all things. Therefore, to Christ, things that are happening in the year 2020, are seen by Him as if it was occurring right there before Him.

There He is. Christ. Sitting on a rock alone in the winter’s night. Or there He is - sitting among a group of friends and some enemies as well - witty remarks are being thrown around, people are laughing, yelling, music is blaring - life is happening. In that moment in time, He is there. And then He is not.

In that moment, Christ closes His eyes and in a flash the whole of creative history streaks like silver streams through His mind’s eye. His vision flies across galaxies and violent cosmic storms, through deep blue ocean trenches and in vast caverns beneath the mountain sides of old. Then in a matter of seconds, He stops. And there He sees - you. Sitting alone in a chair in your room or surrounded by friends at a party. He watches you. Sees your thoughts. Knows your anxieties and your problems. Knows your joys and your sorrows. But most importantly, knows whether you remember Him or not.

It is His most desired wish. To be remembered. Maybe it is something just ingrained in our very being. We fear nothing more than death because it leads to the termination of our life which is most dear to us. Remembrance is a way for Man to carry on even after death. And so we yearn for that lasting memorial. But so does Christ. Do this in commemoration of Me. It is the wish of any one that loves another. They may be parted for years. They might even be parted for a lifetime. But what matters most is that they are remembered by the one they love. No matter what I might go through in my life, no matter what hardship, no matter what trial - if I know that I am remembered by my friend, then there is no reason to be afraid, no reason to be anxious - for somewhere out there - I am remembered. Therefore, the greatest worship or sign of our affection that we can give to Christ is to remember Him. And maybe, just maybe - we can bring Him some comfort in His time of need. How?

There He is. Struggling beneath the monumental weight of a wooden cross that feels like a great stone. Blood and sweat pour down and mix like some unholy cocktail of pain upon His weary yet majestical eyes. Around Him are the blasphemies being hurled and the mockeries being sounded. He looks for a figure of sympathy, a semblance of empathy from the crowd but finds none. Then in a flash, His Divine mind travels away from the moment of terror and in a mere second He sees - you. Sitting there. Wherever you may be. Thinking of Him. Remembering Him. And in that moment - He is glad.

This is the power that we have. Because of God’s ability to see all things as if they were happening in one single moment, we have been given a power unlike any other upon this earth. Not a power to fly nor a power to defeat the greatest alien invasion the world has ever known. No. We have been given the power to stop for a moment in the day - drown out everything and ask one simple question: Where are you, my Lord? What are You going through right now in the past? Whatever it is, for the next two minutes, for the next mere seconds, let me be with You. I will not say a word. I will simply be here for You.

We are time travelers. But not like the ones we see in the flickering scenes of our movies or on the rifled pages of our books. But in a way much more grand and for stakes far more grave. We are time travelers so that at any moment we may stop and be with Him who is in the process, two thousand years ago, of saving mankind from the greatest invasion there ever was. That is our task. That is the significance of our every moment. Wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing - stop sometimes and ask Him where He is right now all those years ago. Maybe He is about to close His eyes for a short night’s rest before another long day. Or perhaps He is still a child shivering in the dark and cold night, or just maybe He is walking the winding, dusty path that leads to the most significant moment in human history. Wherever He is though, in that moment, two thousand years ago - He will see into the future, and He will know that you are there - remembering Him.

There He is. And in that moment, He is glad. He breathes a sigh of joy, a sigh of relief however small. And with a new surge of energy that no man around can believe - He continues on. And in His eyes - a new glow of remarkable resolve burns beneath the surface - for He is remembered.

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