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            Smoke rises from the rooftop of the Manhattan apartment building. Below, the massive crowd awaits the arrival of the cities dashing hero, expectantly eying the horizon for a glimpse of the caped vigilante. Just as all hope seems lost, suddenly, from the heavens, a valiant man swoops down into the flames. Moments later, he emerges with the “beauty of the block” in his muscly arms, carrying her to safety, saving the day yet again.

            In the modern world, we are intoxicated with this idea of heroism. Images of caped men and women surround us in our movies and our music, making us think of heroes solely as proud champions who battle fictitious villains that seek the destruction of thriving metropolises. But is this what a hero truly is? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a hero is “a mythological or legendary figure of great strength or ability,” yet it seems that there is more to a hero than simply battling villains, saving damsels in distress, and getting lauded by the grateful inhabitants of massive cities that they have just rescued from sure death.[1] In reality, how often do these opportunities arise? Not often. Yet it would be incorrect to say that this world is devoid of heroic individuals, it is in fact quite the contrary. We simply misunderstand the concept of heroism, forgetting those to whom we owe much praise and gratitude.

          We all know that in order to be a hero, an individual must go outside themselves in order to achieve a goal that is good and just. Whether that is helping those in need, as is most often the case, or simply doing ones job to the best of one’s ability in order to better the community in which he or she lives, an individual can be heroic. How often do we hear stories of some mighty man or woman who saved countless lives from some evil menace? How often is there breaking news reporting the victory of some caped hero swooping down and saving thousands? Not often. But does this mean that are no heroes in the world today? Certainly it does not. Quite on the contrary, it simply points to our misunderstanding the word hero. Heroism is not always glamorous, in fact, it rarely is. Everyone wants to be the one to stand up and attempt to be a hero when the lives of many are at stake, yet how many fail to take responsibility for their actions when no one is watching them? Countless men and women in our day and age neglect their duties, and therefore pass up daily on a chance to be heroic.

             Annually, countless Americans fail to care for the child that they have conceived, and summarily condemn the helpless fetus to the doom of an abortion. On the other hand, there are many who stand up for the unborn, and do what is right by rearing and protecting their children, these are the heroes. These are the men and women, who, even though it may be difficult, sacrifice their own desires in order to enable another human being to come joyously into this world. Without the thought of recognition by the world, these men and women defend the unborn, risking their happiness for the priceless life of an infant. These valiant men and women stand up for the helpless children because they see it as a duty of man to defend those who cannot defend themselves. They see it as a responsibility, on that is most definitely worth shouldering.

              In a hospital bed lays a young mother, with the faithful father of her child at her side. Without regard for the pain that will inevitably result, this fearless woman chooses to give birth to the child that she has conceived. Regardless of the struggles that encounter those who raise children, this model of heroism stands firm in the face of danger, risking her own life for the life of her helpless child, sacrificing her future happiness to enable her child to be happy, unseen by the world. She is the true heroin. By defending those who are most unable to defend themselves, this mother reaches above and beyond the call of duty, performing her chosen duty without a cape, or glory, or praise. She simply give their time, efforts, and energy to the heroic cause of defending her unborn infant against the menacing tools of the abortionist, fighting for, and saving the child that cannot protect itself.






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