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Strive to be truthful at all times and not just when it is easy.

Desire always to help those in error even when you would rather not.

Be kind and true in every word you speak and in every action you do towards others.


Be consistent and passionate not just about what you love but also about what you know you must do. No matter the difficulty.

Be relentless but be ready to adopt the way of Him who guides and governs all things.

You have a great gift. Use it for Him and for leading others without falter through the great and sometimes terrible plains of this world.


Unity is key to the victory we all seek. Never try to break apart others by your words or actions.

Always help your friends to forgive those who have offended and to cast aside the grudges they may hold.

Be there to embrace and not to reject.


The most precious of gifts. Never be content with where you are in this virtue. 

Always listen to those above you in authority. See their will as the will of Him who made you.

This is your great strength. It is by the forgetfulness of your own selfish desires or tendencies that you will be stronger than any evil that seeks to destroy you.

Hope. For He is always there.

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