Intro to Meditation

  • Remember that the point of meditation is just to be with God for some moments.

  • Remember that the effort He sees you make is the most important part.

  • Remember that at the end of the day - the meditation is just thinking about God.

  • Start every meditation with an image in your mind that is most effective for you in seeing God's goodness or beauty. It could be Christ on the Cross, Our Lady in a garden, a favorite painting of yours, a beautiful sunset or the stars. Anything.

  • Whenever you're distracted, come back to that image to refocus yourself.

  • You don't have to think of all the points of the meditation. If you're really into one point, stay on it. If not, move on to the next.

  • Follow the suggested times depending on your experience. Don't stop trying until the timer stops. That is so important. 

First starting out - 5 minutes

After a couple weeks - 10 minutes

After a couple months - 15 minutes


A Never-Ending Journey

If you think the Epiphany has passed, you are like a fool. Blind. Even though we have moved away from this feast in a material way, its beautiful meaning must resonate in our whole being, penetrating our very soul. The Epiphany is a feast we must carry with us through our entire lives. Why? Meditate and see how you can incorporate it into your spiritual life. 

In the game of hide and seek Our Lord plays with His friends, there is one sign that always betrays His presence: the Cross. Whenever there's an opportunity for self-sacrifice, whenever we feel inclined to be selfish and mean, whenever our feelings oppose our duty – there is the Crucified. He gives Himself away and makes the search for Him easy. If I think I cannot "find" God, perhaps I should look to my crosses.

The search of the Magi was the search of the Cross – they embraced fatigue, exertion, danger for Christ's sake. What they sought with such loving perseverance must be my search. How often have I shut my eyes to God pointing out my path, or rather making Himself the Way I should tread? How many times have I approached Him with no gifts to bring? It is true I am poor, but I do happen to have what He wants – my love. And this I can always offer.

When the Magi found the infant, the search was not over. It was just beginning. They carried Him home in their hearts and the great journey of knowing and loving God began for them. Let us search for God continually, keeping in mind that we shall never completely find Him while we are here on earth. Our life is a journey of learning how to know and love God until we arrive at our home in heaven.

My God, grant me the graces of the Epiphany.