Intro to Meditation

  • Remember that the point of meditation is just to be with God for some moments.

  • Remember that the effort He sees you make is the most important part.

  • Remember that at the end of the day - the meditation is just thinking about God.

  • Start every meditation with an image in your mind that is most effective for you in seeing God's goodness or beauty. It could be Christ on the Cross, Our Lady in a garden, a favorite painting of yours, a beautiful sunset or the stars. Anything.

  • Whenever you're distracted, come back to that image to refocus yourself.

  • You don't have to think of all the points of the meditation. If you're really into one point, stay on it. If not, move on to the next.

  • Follow the suggested times depending on your experience. Don't stop trying until the timer stops. That is so important. 

First starting out - 5 minutes

After a couple weeks - 10 minutes

After a couple months - 15 minutes



My God, my life seems to be filled with trials. Once one passes, another is knocking on my doorstep. I am growing weary in my daily battle, struggling to find the patience to bear what You are asking of me. It seems like all I do is stumble and fall.

My child, you are relying too much on yourself and too little on My grace. This is a form of pride. Let go of your desire to control every minute detail in your life. You will find simplicity and patience when you leave the details up to Me. There is little which you really have control over. 

My strength will fill you if you truly seek to open your heart and make an earnest effort to lean on Me. How hard are you trying? If you are putting your best foot forward, you will find renewed strength to press forward. I know the time and the place of delivering you from your burdens. Use them to grow in friendship with Me, and find gratitude in the fact that I send them to make you a saint.