Intro to Meditation

  • Remember that the point of meditation is just to be with God for some moments.

  • Remember that the effort He sees you make is the most important part.

  • Remember that at the end of the day - the meditation is just thinking about God.

  • Start every meditation with an image in your mind that is most effective for you in seeing God's goodness or beauty. It could be Christ on the Cross, Our Lady in a garden, a favorite painting of yours, a beautiful sunset or the stars. Anything.

  • Whenever you're distracted, come back to that image to refocus yourself.

  • You don't have to think of all the points of the meditation. If you're really into one point, stay on it. If not, move on to the next.

  • Follow the suggested times depending on your experience. Don't stop trying until the timer stops. That is so important. 

First starting out - 5 minutes

After a couple weeks - 10 minutes

After a couple months - 15 minutes



My child, wisdom lifts the veils from all things and reveals My footprints which are present in every corner of this earth, in every event, in every soul. In yours too. Do I seem far from you? Only look for suffering, for where there is suffering there is also love, or an opportunity for love, and so there I am. For I am love. The sign of the cross has entered the world, but have you allowed it to enter your heart? The world must suffer, my child, so let it not be in vain. 


As long as you are there below in your human condition, I will only ever appear to you in darkness, “a nourishing, nurturing darkness into which it is good for you to throw yourself and as deeply as you can.” For your life is not just a blind road where you must stumble in the shadows – in your life there is a scheme in which all pain is touched with the divine, by the hands of One Who has endured; a scheme in which pain is not worthless, but of eternal value for the victim and the succorer. It is the scheme of My Cross, the cross of God. So, my child, do not shy away from the darkness, the pain – for it is so much more than that. Instead embrace it wholly, and You will find Me. 


My God, I hate the task that lies before me, for it means ruthless sacrifice. Yes, I hate it until I stand in the shadow of the cross and find my God an outcast. Then I know I will learn to love it, for You my God are happiness, and to be with You, even in suffering and darkness, is to be happy. For with every sufferer stands the Man of Sorrows with His Cross – and where the Cross is planted Love and Joy grow.