Intro to Meditation

  • Remember that the point of meditation is just to be with God for some moments.

  • Remember that the effort He sees you make is the most important part.

  • Remember that at the end of the day - the meditation is just thinking about God.

  • Start every meditation with an image in your mind that is most effective for you in seeing God's goodness or beauty. It could be Christ on the Cross, Our Lady in a garden, a favorite painting of yours, a beautiful sunset or the stars. Anything.

  • Whenever you're distracted, come back to that image to refocus yourself.

  • You don't have to think of all the points of the meditation. If you're really into one point, stay on it. If not, move on to the next.

  • Follow the suggested times depending on your experience. Don't stop trying until the timer stops. That is so important. 

First starting out - 5 minutes

After a couple weeks - 10 minutes

After a couple months - 15 minutes



Show them mercyOur Warpath
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Begin: Think of God. He is here right now. Forget about everything else. Only God. Take a few moments to get rid of everything except for Him. 


Call to mind that image that for you is the best reminder of the beauty of God. A sunset, your favorite religious statue, a beautiful cathedral, the face of Christ. This image will be your anchor for your meditation. Your weapon against distraction. Got it? Let's go.


My God, they have offended me. They have hurt me. They have said unjust things about me. They have betrayed me. They have done terrible things to me and said terrible things about me. I can never forgive them. Never. And the worst thing is that they have never said sorry. No, my God I cannot forgive them. But why? Why can’t I forgive them? I don’t think I should forgive. Have I been unmerciful? And why?


My child, you must forgive. It is the most godly thing you can do and therefore the hardest thing. Why? Because it is an act that in all other scenarios should not be done. Because they have injured you. The human thing to do is harbor ill feelings against them. To seek revenge. But what did I do when you hurt Me? When you scourged Me? When you abandoned Me, your God? I forgave you. And I will continue to forgive. No matter what they do, forgive them. Regardless of whether they say sorry or not, forgive them. 


You do not forgive because you are so focused on yourself. Stop seeing only you. And start embracing each and every one that has done wrong to you. They are weak. What did you expect them to do? Weak souls fall. They fail. They hurt us. But they’re just weak. They are not evil people. Very few are. But all are weak. Can you not forgive simply a weak soul like yourself? Never forget that what comes easy for you might be their greatest battle. Never underestimate how weak a soul might be. For when we understand the depths of our weakness, we are never surprised and we are never angered. We are simply full of mercy. Embrace those that hurt you. It is what I have done. And it is what I will continue to do for the rest of time and beyond. 


Finish: Talk to God. Just say to Him whatever you are thinking. Do not filter it. Do not attempt to make it eloquent. Just speak. He is always listening.


Good. Now if there was one thought during that came to you or that impacted you, recall it during the day. 


Lastly, say thank you to God. For you have another day - another chance to do all for Him.