Intro to Meditation

  • Remember that the point of meditation is just to be with God for some moments.

  • Remember that the effort He sees you make is the most important part.

  • Remember that at the end of the day - the meditation is just thinking about God.

  • Start every meditation with an image in your mind that is most effective for you in seeing God's goodness or beauty. It could be Christ on the Cross, Our Lady in a garden, a favorite painting of yours, a beautiful sunset or the stars. Anything.

  • Whenever you're distracted, come back to that image to refocus yourself.

  • You don't have to think of all the points of the meditation. If you're really into one point, stay on it. If not, move on to the next.

  • Follow the suggested times depending on your experience. Don't stop trying until the timer stops. That is so important. 

First starting out - 5 minutes

After a couple weeks - 10 minutes

After a couple months - 15 minutes



God gives each of us crosses. Some days pass by with ease while others feel as though they will never end. God gives us crosses so that we may prove our love for Him. There are a few however, who are burdened with a cross most difficult - LOSS. 


To lose anything hurts, especially if it is a loved one. We become heartbroken, and life becomes unbearable. In short, we cannot find something to live for. We forget, though, that we are not the only ones who have been given this burden. There is one whose heart was broken. One whose heart was pierced - for she was torn away from the one she loved most. This person was The Blessed Virgin Mary. 


Our Lady not only witnessed the torture and death of her Son, but she witnessed the death of her Divine Saviour. With her very eyes she saw her God being nailed to a wooden cross. She lost the One Whom she held dearest to her heart.


Yet did she question the will of her God? No, she accepted it. 


Our Lady is an example from whom we learn. Even under such painful circumstances, she did not look to be angry, or to blame others. No, she sought to find the will of God in everything - even if doing the will of God would bring her pain. 


Our Lady knew that even though she had lost her Son, she would never be alone; for He would abide in her heart, soul, and mind. 


Dear Blessed Mother, when I am confronted with loss, give me the grace that I may be able to look beyond the suffering and see your blessed Son.