Our Warpath was founded by a few friends and brothers who went to the same school during their high school years.

We were taught there always to strive to be strong catholic men and to do all we could to make an impact upon the world for good.

But we found ourselves, after graduation, in a world that was so much against everything we were taught. We felt isolated and constantly on the defensive for what we believed in. So we decided to do something about it. We started this site.

But pretty quickly we realized that this was bigger than just our friends that had graduated.

This was something that every catholic needed. Something to challenge them.

Something for them to be a part of.

And so we went out and got together friends and other catholics from all around the country to help in this endeavor.

We brought in other men and women with whom we share the same ideals and goals and we now seek not only to  excel in our own lives but also to help all those we can in achieving discipline and excellence.

We are not attached or affiliated with any organization or religious order or parish.

We are simply catholic men and women waking up every day trying to be great in everything and challenging others to walk along that path with us.


We dedicate this endeavor to the honor of St. Michael the Warrior Angel and the Sacred Heart that he has valiantly fought for throughout the ages.

WE dedicate this endeavor to our fallen marine brother

michael giannattasio