Our Warpath was founded by a few friends and brothers who went to the same school during their high school years.

We were taught there always to strive to be strong catholic men and to do all we could to make an impact upon the world for good.

But we found ourselves, after graduation, in a world that was so much against everything we were taught. We felt isolated and constantly on the defensive for what we believed in. So we decided to do something about it. We started this site.

But pretty quickly we realized that this was bigger than just our friends that had graduated.

This was something that every catholic needed. Something to challenge them.

Something for them to be a part of.

And so we went out and got together friends and other catholics from all around the country to help in this endeavor.

We brought in other men and women with whom we share the same ideals and goals and we now seek not only to  excel in our own lives but also to help all those we can in achieving discipline and excellence.

We are not attached or affiliated with any organization or religious order or parish.

We are simply catholic men and women waking up every day trying to be great in everything and challenging others to walk along that path with us.


We dedicate this endeavor to the honor of St. Michael the Warrior Angel and the Sacred Heart that he has valiantly fought for throughout the ages.

WE dedicate this endeavor to our fallen marine brother

michael giannattasio






  • Joseph Rigi

    President, aka El Capitan

    Joseph often goes by "Holy Joe" but would rather be known as Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute's best friend. He is one of those guys who always thinks those "You Just Won $10,000" online pop-ups are real. We try to tell him but he's still so hopeful every time, planning out his next ten purchases.

  • Andrew Mosquera


    Doc Mosque is in the Top 10 T.S. Eliot fans, a.k.a T.S. Dog. Eternally thinking, recently married. In case you were wondering, that is not actually a picture of him; he has far less hair and no glasses. Same suit though.

  • Justin Rigi

    Writer, Abe Lincoln Enthusiast

    Justin is a businessman, pianist and history buff if there ever was one. As you can see, he is on very friendly terms with Honest Abe. Recognized as the best writer on the staff. He keeps us floating. 

  • Ryan Cysewski

    Writer, Book Reviewer

    Ryan is an avid reader by day and shady iTunes gift card reseller by—day as well (although this can neither be confirmed nor denied for legal reasons). A very efficient ranter when you get him going and creator of the term "Rich Aunt Syndrome". In short, how do you describe in two words a true fiend? This guy.

  • Marie Napolitano


    Marie is our Idea Person. Her latest and greatest is to rent a helicopter and throw Our Warpath business cards from it. A Canadian who's been put on the Border Patrol's "Suspicious List", because all these trips are honestly becoming a bit 'spicious.

  • Jordan Rigi

    Writer, Motivational Guru

    Jordan is a top salesman, blogger, podcaster and BMW fanatic. A Michael Scott disciple (only in the good ways). Jordan loves tiny dogs, but there are only so many pictures you want to see of grown men cuddling a toy poodle next to a BMW. 

  • Jane Spencer


    A few things about Jane. She is from Kansas City, and  currently a college student and a grocery checker.  She loves making art, especially drawing people’s faces, which is either really cool or kind of creepy, depending on how you look at it. She also loves Socrates and PG Wodehouse.

  • Joseph Maki

    Writer, Woodworker

    Joe is a loyal JiuJitsu disciple. Makes really beast wooden and custom-made tables. You will frequently find him asking big questions and talking about Jocko Willink or Jordan Peterson. He smokes cigars and strokes his beard moodily while sitting in dark corners at social gatherings.

  • Amelia Monroe Carlson

    Writer, Dog Lover

    Amelia Monroe Carlson graduated from the University of North Alabama with a degree in communications. She’s an award winning journalist who left secular media and spends her time getting dog hair off her bed and clothes, teaching the Catholic faith in whatever ways God allows, and she still believes the “forbidden fruit” in the Garden of Eden was actually a vegetable called celery. She’s a devoted wife and mother (both to two legged and four legged children) who loves to cook, travel, read and write. 

  • Alfredo Diaz

    Writer, Poet

    Alfredo, known better among his friends as Mr. Bean #25 (don't ask) is a lawyer in the making who believes in the power of words and symbols. Sometimes he writes at home, sometimes while walking. You might easily lose track of where he's at. If so, it is a good idea to search for him deep in the halls of Erebor. You will find him under the Christmas tree wearing a huge sombrero, sipping mate, smoking his third cigarette, reading The Raven and telling you "Sorry, what did you say?"

  • Taylor Jarvis

    Film Review Writer

    Taylor is a filmmaker, musician, and an all around hoot. He has always loved movies - maybe because he was raised on Hitchcock and Spielberg - and as such has a BA in Film Production. When Taylor isn’t shooting TV spots for his 9 to 5, you can find him either on the links or the slopes or on a tangent about the current state of American politics.

  • Jacinta Rigi

    Writer, Teen Series Boss

     Jacinta recently graduated high school and is almost universally known as "Sis" due to the fact that she is the only girl in a family of six wonderful brothers. She loves Jane Austen, Thomas Aquinas and the old Taylor Swift. 

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